Fresh Start® High-Hiding All-Purpose Primer (K046)

Fresh Start High-Hiding All-Purpose Primer (046)

        Test shows Fresh Start (K046) has better hide
                      than another leading brand.

Benjamin Moore's cutting-edge Fresh Start® Primer (K046) offers exceptional hiding properties.

Benjamin Moore is proud to offer Fresh Start High–Hiding All–Purpose Primer (K046), our highest–performing interior/exterior primer. Its advanced technology provides outstanding high–hiding properties that help you get the job done faster and with fewer coats of paint.

Advantages of Fresh Start High–Hiding All–Purpose (K046)

The following characteristics set Fresh Start apart from other primers:

  • high hiding
  • excellent adhesion
  • strong enamel holdout that supports virtually any choice of topcoat
  • great flow and levelling

Comparative Testing of Hide Properties

Fresh Start (K046) was matched up against a leading competitor during an internal test to measure hiding performance. Horizontal permanent marker, crayon, washable marker, and lipstick were applied to a drywall board.

Two side–by–side sections represented one primer brand. The left section was coated with primer and its recommended top coat, while the right section was coated only with primer.

The test revealed that Fresh Start (K046) demonstrates superior hiding and sealing properties, as well as suppressing most stains when compared to this leading competitor. (In cases of cedar bleed or severe bleeding, a solvent–based primer should be used to prevent stains from reappearing.)

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Interior & Exterior Applications

Combining premium performance with high–productivity application properties, Fresh Start (K046) is ideal for use on a wide variety of interior and exterior substrates. It is recommended for the following interior surfaces: new or previously painted wood, plywood, drywall, ceiling tile, Formica®, Masonite®, ceramic tile, and cured plaster. Optimum priming results can also be achieved on the following exterior substrates: new or previously painted wood, fibre cement board, hardboard siding, aluminum, galvanized metal, brick, cured masonry, and previously coated ferrous metal surfaces.

Eco–Friendly Primer

Benjamin Moore has been at the forefront of developing the innovative technologies used to create environmentally friendly paints, primers, and other coatings without sacrificing maximum performance.

It continues this tradition with the low–odour, low–VOC (44 g/l) Fresh Start High–Hiding All–Purpose Primer (K046). In addition to low emissions, this latex primer is an MPI®–approved product, qualifies for LEED® credit, and meets strict VOC regulations.

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